Your greatest weapon is your brain. You need to guess the right password to a next level.

It is good to hint other players in comment section but please don't overdo it or spoiled the answer. 

Thank you very much for playing :)

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How I do lvl 2???

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Levels 8, 9, 10 and 11 have me so confused, help?


ok, spoilers below:

on lv8, ì you know how to type on old phones like nokias, then thats how that works. if you dont know, then search up how to type on those old phones bc im too lazy to explain.

if you want the answer, its emergency.

unfortunately, idk how to do lv9.

on lv10, the chemical formula is h2o. why? bc is written H to O (hjklmno).H2O is the chemical formula for water.

the answer is water.

on lv11, the lv number is 11 and you need it to be convinient. whats convinient and has an 11 in it? seven-eleven. so, the number that makes it convinient is 7.

type in 7 and you are done :)


Without spoiling game, for level 3 look at numpad and trace numbers as if they were lines, it should give you 5 letter word :)

Someon help with number three pls

ahhh pls help me in lv 9

hey! did you guess it? :c

not yet ive been trying for 3 months :(

i did lv 8 first try in under 30s it makes me feel old :')

I'm so confused, what is it?

I have written an explaination above :)

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I have mixed feelings about this game.

On one hand, the game is ridiculously difficult because the clues are very obtuse and the game is expecting a single specific answer to each puzzle when other potential answers exist. I never would have guessed some of these answers. At least one puzzle appears to be broken for me since I couldn't connect to the wikimapia site to load the clue. That said, I'm a casual player (not an expert puzzle solver), and this game might not have been designed for my skill level.

On the other hand, the puzzles are usually very novel (new to me) and clever. Once I know the answer, the clue usually makes sense, and makes me smile, and makes me interested in what the next puzzle will be. I just wish the leap from the clue to solution were as reasonable as the leap from the solution to the clue. Players who get stuck on an earlier puzzle are missing out on some pretty cool puzzles and fourth-wall-breaking experiences later in the deck.

You've got some really cool ideas here, though it feels like the difficulty might need to be tuned with more play-testing. For example, maybe accept alternative answers, and/or re-order the puzzles so the easier puzzles appear sooner.

Hi, thank you so much for try it out and give the feedback. :D

Can someone help me with level  2

I was stuck on level 2 as well. HINT: You need to interpret the clue very literally, and punctuation matters.