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I swear if a customer asks for boba one more time- 

IN all seriousness this is an awesome game ^^ Unfortunatlely I don't have to money to just go and buy games right now, but if I do I would definitely strongly consider buying the full game :D 

Loved the game, gonna go buy it on steam now.

Great game: Already wishlisted it on Steam. Looking forward to its release.

cute lil game

Super excited when I saw this game was updated, and I was not disappointed! (I may have had to restart the booth bc I can't download it on a chromebook but it was still great.) woo yeah uh i uh well yay 

sometimes it lags beacouse of soo many cats

this is probably why

(2 edits)

Should give a description of the job once you hover over the name of the skill, and there is also a bug with the marketer that a very big cround of people come to your shop (like 60 beacouse every time i do it 30 or 50 people leave)

Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate as always :D

Is there a way to increse staff in this update or you will only able to unlock more staff in the new update

Hi, the Boba House can only house 1 staff max.

oh o

This game is Soo good and hyper addictif I hope the game will live for a long time continue your work ❤️❤️

Really really good, I have sat here for half an hour playing this game and have been entertained the whole time. I can't put my finger on why it's so good, but it is, and that's all the reason I need to keep playing.

I still adore this game!! Keep it up I can't wait to see it keep growing! I wish I had the extra money to give to you but for now I'll keep out for the updates! Keep the good work up!!



Yeah I mean add more boba they still have place for adding more

10 is the max


Just reduce the milk and sugar and it'll be "more" boba

I know it's a joke

beat the game and it is a great one, can't wait till next update. SO-SO-SO- ADDICTIVE. gg

also, was fun to play with an ice cream in one hand lol

Thank you for your feedback. I love ice cream too :D


something else that there should be is a thing that tells you what kind of combination of things you need to get hearts from the customers, like the customer feedback but a bit more precise (should cost a lot more)

Thank you for another great feedback. Let me see if that work out for the game :D

which browser is the best for playing this game? i used three different ones but all of them say WebGL not supported :/

Hi, this game can only play on PC and requires browser that support WebGL2. You can check the list of compatible browsers here Browser Compatibility of WebGL 2.0 | Cross Browser Compatibility Score of WebGL 2.0 (


Can you make it so android players can play this game? it's realy fun but my phone can't open it

Hi, thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, phone and tablet support are currently not in the plan ^^''. I will try to look for free time to work on them. :)

loving this game so far! its so fun and relaxing. + the art style is adorable and pleasing to look at. 

also, i just wanted to let you know that there's a typo in the customer feedback that says "your tea could be batter." i believe you meant "your tea could be better"?

Thank you very much for the feedback :D I will fix the writing soon.

something that you should add is that it can run in the background

Hmm. May I ask what 'run in the background' is?

like, having google hidden and using an other programm or being on an other tab and the game still working, especially when there is the boba selling part

Oh I see. I'm really not sure how to make that happen, will looking for the way if I can do any thing :)

what does "lack of bubble" mean?


sorry for the writing. It should say “lack of boba”. I will fix that soon ^^

(3 edits)

Some Web games are playable on other devices, idk why this doesnt work, whould be cool

Says WebGL not avalible 

It possible but it will take so much work more than I can handle ^^. It is because the way I use to made this game.

what engine are you using?

Godot. But it’s me who choose GLES3 for development. That’s why the game won’t run on many mobile/tablet. 

oh ok

(1 edit)

there is also a small bug when you select a new breanch, the music goes all weird

Thank you very much, Im gonna fix that soon :D

(2 edits)

there still should be more random events, idk like a burgler, things missing, people vandalizing your building or other stuff

Yes, I hear you. The random event are on the way for the next branch update :D 

very good, love this game!

Cool! Can't wait next update...

Small bug: restock button keep disabled once has been, even after buying storage upgrade. (Can be updated by +- restock count)

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will fix it soon :D

Ok there is a small bug in the loading of the branching screen. The sound of celebration glitches out before loading the screen.

Thank you very much, I will fix that soon :D

something should tell you when if you got a new reward

Totally agree, I'm working on that :D
Thank you for your feedback again ^^


What does too sweet to drink mean

You've added too much brown sugar.

People feel your tea is too sweet. You may decrease sugar or increase milk tea in recipe :D

(1 edit) (+1)

This game truly is awesome. I've played through around 10 times. I've turned my small boba shop into a multi-million dollar institution. I've gone out of my way to get every reward, and every upgrade. Needless to say, I'm addicted.


Thank you so much for super awesome feedback. You made my day :)

Deleted 92 days ago

Hi Antonia, thank you for an opportunity. I will send you a mail :)

Fun little sim game. Excited to see how you expand on this

can you install this game?

Hi, it is only in web version. The downloadable version may be available in the future :)

good to know!

(1 edit)

This is a really fun game! I can't wait for the update when you can actually operate the empire haha ^^

finally i can live my lifelong dream of opening a tiny boba shop and serving 156 cups a day

This game was so cute, a great game to binge for a bit!

As someone who wants to own a cafe business someday, this game was perfect to me. I look forward to any of your upcoming projects!

Literally very good game looking forward for any updates in future

Premium Boba

This is the cutest little game!! I absolutely love it! Added to my collection of favorites, I hope you update it soon! I´m eager to see what you come up with! Although I hope soon, take your time, you come first before games. Thank you for reading.


Thank you very much for playing and feedback. I read every characters and this means a lot to me :)

pretty nice game! good music too =)

stunning animation, thank you!


something else that you should add is random events, will add a lot more replaybility beacouse after you reach the goal, updated everything to max and every extra, there is nothing else intrasting that can happen

Thank you very much for feedback. I will try to iterate idea on this one :D

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